Homer morbidly obese

Anyway..I am world, a bloated tick of a human, consuming more of your resources than I have a right to, hating myself for doing it, hating myself because I can’t seem to stop doing it, hating myself because I hate myself so much. I have been blogging now for about ten years, only I never called it blogging, I called it "obsessive compulsive ramblings to myself on a word processor because I can’t afford a shrink". I read a few articles on blogs, I saw Wil Wheaton on MSNBC and decided to give it a try.Well...me stop my self-indulgent flagellation enough to introduce myself a bit.And do you really think it is possible to loathe myself anymore? I have seen a lot of blogs about losing weight, "Look at me! " They all suck, and they all fade into the blog abyss of the quarterly post."Well Fatty", the skinny bastard inside me says, "I guess you don’t hate yourself enough to actually do something about it? I have been on so many diets, tried so many things, so many times for so many years, it hardly seems that I have not done something about it.Homer Simpson is borderline retarded, but his daughter Lisa deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Campbell’s Soup realizes only a miniscule fraction of their clientele are gay parents, but having two fathers quote Darth Vader’s “I’m your father” gets all the virtue-signaling progressives who might otherwise go with Progresso.To the 2, 3, or 4 of you who might actually stumble here by accident, please excuse the simple and boring look to the site, I really have no idea what I am doing yet. The morbidly obese Melissa Mc Carthy is clenching her fists and making men cry while adolescent girls annihilate street thugs for using homophobic slurs. reboot where we discover she’s now black, she performs for her classmates and tells them welfare-state pioneer FDR was the greatest president ever because he brought us the New Deal. ” Uh, I don’t know, lady, maybe because you’re good at driving? We know Kitty O’Neil set the land-speed record, but we’ve noticed that overall, women tend to be inferior drivers. The boyfriend in the commercial wouldn’t dare fight back because, well, how can you win an argument with an empowered woman who has a black man in her mouth?

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