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He has also uploaded videos under the name lie L for a week in August 2011; all covers under this name have either been deleted or made private.Initially known mostly for his rapid, prolific upload rate and perhaps more infamously for pitch bending and being a prominent user of autotune, he has more recently become known for his almost meteoric rise to fame despite a long period of relative obscurity compared to his contemporaries.He often does collabs with Shounen T, Lon, Komeru and Mafumafu forming the collaboration units Sora T (そらT), Soralon (そらろん), Lemoc Raros (which is Soraru and Komeru reversed and with alternate romanization), and Sorairo Muffler (そらいろまふらー) / After the Rain, respectively.While not known for being a technically strong singer, he is very emotive and changes his singing style to most effectively match the song he is covering: ranging from a stronger, rougher and more husky approach for rock or higher paced songs to a more soft, gentle approach when covering ballads or slower songs.However, his cover of "Mozaik Role", which currently has 1.8 million views and 33K Mylists, remains his most popular cover to date.He also holds livestreams often, with one of his utaite friends commenting or being a part of it, for instance with Lon, especially when they play Minecraft together.He also hosts Soralon Radio (そらろんラジオ) with Lon, Hikikomoranai Radio (ひきこもらないラジオ) with Mafumafu, the irregularly occuring podcasts where the two of them talk about various subjects.He is also capable of hitting extremely high notes with little difficulty; for example, his cover of "Last Night, Good Night" sung in the song's original key.His first cover, an acoustic arrangement of BUMP OF CHICKEN's "Suimin Jikan", currently has 36K views and 993 Mylists, while his first hit solo cover was "Nisoku Hokou", and currently has 432K views and 9.3K mylists. (17) Accel World (5) Acchi Kocchi (3) Acrobunch (1) Active Raid -Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Daihachigakari- (1) Actually, I Am (3) The Adventures of Honeybee Hutch (1) Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (2) Agatha Christie no Meitantei Poirot to Marple (2) Agent Aika (3) Agito the Silver-Haired (2) Ah! My Goddess: Flights of Fancy (3) Ahiru no Quack (2) Ai no Kusabi (2) Ai Shite Knight (4) Ai Shite Night (4) Ai Shoujo Porianna Monogatari (4) Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach (15) Ai Wakakusa Monogatari (4) Ai Yori Aoshi (9) Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ (5) Aika (3) Aikatsu!On his TMBox, he even sang "Last Night, Good Night" 4 keys higher than the original key without sounding strained.In fact, up until his breakthrough hit cover of "Nisoku Hokou"in late 2009, his uploads rarely broke the 10-20K view mark; and were often tagged as being deserving of more views (もっと評価されるべき, motto hyouka sareru beki) due to their consistently high quality, with that same "ought to have more attention" label being extended to Soraru himself.

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